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“We’ll continue to sacrifice Martyrs until the last of us,” says father of dead terrorist


Official PA TV newsreader: “Thousands are accompanying the body of Martyr Ahmed Al-Sa’adi (i.e., Islamic Jihad terrorist) in the Jenin [refugee] camp.” … Nasser Al-Sa’adi, father of terrorist Ahmed Al-Sa’adi: “Ahmed… we consider him a Martyr with Allah, with the young people, for the sake of the homeland, for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We’ll continue to sacrifice Martyrs until the last of us.” …

Reporter: “A procession of Martyrs is going towards glory and greatness, while being carried on shoulders above the homeland.”

Ahmed Al-Sa’adi – Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist who shot at Israeli security forces who were conducting a counter-terror operation in Jenin on April 9, 2022, following the murder of 3 in Tel Aviv on April 7, 2022 by terrorist Ra'ad Hazem from Jenin. Al-Sa’adi was killed in the ensuing shootout.