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PA Daily highlights Arab doctors working in Israel to, saying this "proves that there is coexistence"

Headline: “A Palestinian doctor is leading the fight against the Coronavirus at a hospital in Haifa”





“Doctor Khitam Hussein, who is responsible for the department fighting COVID-19 at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, could barely control herself when she heard the sighs over the phone of her daughter Hala, who she rarely sees recently because she spends most of her time among her patients…


Khitam Hussein, 44, told [the international news agency] AFP: ‘I worked consecutively for an entire month – seven days a week, each shift 12 hours long. The situation is crazy and the work is crazy. Our lives have been turned upside down.’ …

In a voice hoarse from sadness she said: ‘When my daughter Hala called me crying and asked me when I would come home, I was afraid I would collapse for a few moments, but I continued to work because I have a very great responsibility and I am responsible for the lives of sick people.’ …


Khitam Hussein completed her medical studies in 2000 at the Hadassah organization’s medical faculty. She specialized in internal medicine and infectious diseases. In 2011 she was appointed director of the infectious disease control unit at Rambam Hospital…


The number of Arab [citizens] in Israel is estimated at 1.4 million people, and they are the descendants of 160,000 Palestinians who remained on their lands after the establishment of Israel in 1948. The Arabs constitute approximately 20% of the Israeli medical teams.


Famous Israeli singer Achinoam [Nini] and artist Gil Dor held a performance in their homes [that was broadcasted] via the internet, in order to gather donations for Rambam Hospital.


Nini said in Arabic in a video that was spread on social media: ‘This hospital proves that there is coexistence.’ She added: ‘Dr. Khitam Hussein is fulfilling an incredible role there as part of the fight against the Coronavirus.’


In response to the Arab and Israeli medical team members’ joint efforts, Yesh Atid political party Chairman [Yair Lapid who is part of the opposition in Israel] said last week: ‘The Arab doctors and Arab nurses who have not shut their eyes [to sleep] for weeks – I say to you that this [current Israeli] government will not change the [Jewish] Nation-State Law (see note below –Ed.).’ This refers to a law passed in 2018 that defines Israel as ‘the nation-state of the Jewish people.’ The Opposition and the Arabs in Israel think that this law 'discriminates.'"





Jewish Nation-State Law – law passed by the Israeli Parliament on July 19, 2018, which codifies in Israel's Basic Law that Israel is the home of the Jewish nation with Jerusalem its capital, and the Hebrew calendar its official calendar. It establishes Hebrew as the sole official language and grants Arabic a special status, and it recognizes Jewish and Israeli holidays, memorial days, and the Jewish Sabbath as national holidays and days of rest - while guaranteeing the right of all Israeli citizens and residents to celebrate their holidays and days of rest. The law, which passed with 62 in favor, 55 against, and 2 abstentions, has sparked controversy within Israeli society.