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Hamas thanks Abbas for his "unlimited support" for all the "decisions" that Hamas has, and will, make

Headline: “He received a phone call from Haniyeh – the [PA] president: We support all the efforts that emphasize the unity of the Palestinian position”





[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas received a phone call yesterday [Sept. 15, 2020] from Hamas Movement Political Bureau Chairman Ismail Haniyeh and his Deputy [Chairman] Saleh Al-Arouri.


During the call, the president expressed… his support and gave his blessing to all the efforts that emphasize the unity of the Palestinian position facing the plots against our national cause, and all the steps whose goal is to eliminate our cause and deprive our people of its legitimate rights.


Haniyeh… said that Fatah and Hamas, and with them all the Palestinian factions, are in the same boat, and that they will not agree that the Palestinian cause will serve as a bridge for recognition of the occupation state or normalization with it at the expense of our national rights, Jerusalem, and the [Palestinian refugees’] right of return.


He thanked the president for his great confidence in all the factions and for his blessing on all the steps of unity, and said: ‘This is confidence of which we are all proud, and we thank you for it.’ Haniyeh emphasized that the meeting of [faction] secretary-generals [on Sept. 3, 2020] would not have taken place without the supportive position of President Abbas, and noted the importance of this position.


Haniyeh praised the president’s speech during the meeting and the unlimited support that he gave in advance to the decisions that were made following the meeting and to those that will be made in the future.

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