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Fatah Youth Movement proclaims that "a new Palestinian period is launching, whose headline is confrontation and resistance"

Headline: “The forces and factions emphasize that they stand behind the decision of the [PA] president and leadership against the occupation’s annexation plans”




“The Fatah Shabiba [Youth] Movement in Palestine emphasized its full support for the decision of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership to revoke all of the agreements with the governments of Israel and the US.

In a statement it published yesterday, Wednesday [May 20, 2020], the Shabiba added that this decision – whose goal is to defend our people, our land, and our national sovereignty – is launching a new Palestinian period whose headline is confrontation, resistance, and rejection of continuing the situation that has existed in recent years, during which all the Israeli governments have proven that they are colonialist occupation governments that espouse expansion. Therefore, it is important to seek a new path based on taking initiative, resisting, and opening all the doors for the sake of our people’s freedom and independence.”