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Official PA Daily produces list of reasons that "the Zionist colonialist project is a failure"

Excerpt of op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, a regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: "History's most failed project"




"In yesterday's [Feb. 10, 2020] column, I focused on the reasons for and causes of the establishment of the Zionist project, in response to the foolish words of [Al-Jazeera TV talk show host] Dr. Faisal Al-Qassem (see note below –Ed.). Today I will discuss the inherent flaws of the Zionist project, despite the fact that it was established, and that its state was built, and that the capitalist West has guaranteed it all of the necessary elements to continue existing and living in an artificial manner, and despite them having gathered for it millions of Jews from throughout the world who were deceived. Despite this, it is clearly a failed project, and even more – it is the most failed project in history…

There are a number of factors that prove the failure of the colonialist Zionist project, including:




  1. It being an inauthentic project, and the fact that it does not rely on geographic and historical facts, and that it is an artificial project. The capitalist West produced and created a 'people' from the believers of the Jewish religion, who do not have a shared culture, or one language, or a shared fate. Religion, as important as it is, does not constitute the main factor. Even though 72 years have passed since its establishment, and despite the existence of the official Hebrew language, it has not become the language of the entire society, and members of the different ethnic groups still function among themselves in their national languages, customs, and traditions.
  2. The project cannot depend on itself for everything connected to political, economic-financial, legal, and military development, but rather always needs the support of the West, and the US in particular.
  3. The project contains within it all of the factors for division and civil war, as a result of the racism among its ethnic, religious, and sectorial elements…
  4. A project that lives on wars and struggles, and acts vigorously to recreate the holocaust against the Jews and Palestinians as one, cannot be other than a destructive project…


Due to the aforementioned, the Zionist project is the most failed project in history, and has no future. There is a difference between existing and being kept alive by artificial respiration, and the continuity and natural life among the population of the Arab homeland that is resisting this project."




Al-Jazeera TV talk show host Dr. Faisal Al-Qassem – listed by Arabian Business Magazine as one of the most influential Arab personalities in 2007 – tweeted on Feb. 8, 2020: "For most Arabs, if they want to curse you, they will describe you as a ‘Zionist,’ even though the most successful project in the current and last century is the Zionist project, while all of the Arabs’ projects, especially that of Arab nationalism, have failed. So… before you use the term ‘Zionist’ as a curse, you must first begin to approach what Zionism has accomplished and then we will talk.”