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The Balfour declaration was a "satanic promise" according to the PA Daily

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Trump is the new Balfour”





“Today [Nov. 2, 2020] is the 103rd anniversary of the ominous Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration), which laid the political and legal foundations for the establishment of the Zionist colonialist project on the Palestinian land. This promise was given by British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour on behalf of the entire colonialist West in 1917…


He promised the Zionist movement to establish on the land of historical Palestine ‘a national home for the Jews,’ who were not the majority in Palestine despite their waves of immigration – which came one after the other at the time of the promise being issued and afterwards – and also not after the establishment of the state and the strengthening of the colonialist Zionist project, and not even now. They were just a very small minority in Palestine…


This satanic promise, which has no legal, political, or religious basis… was a colonialist promise with serious significances; on the one hand, a rogue state – then Great Britain – took by force the right to do as it pleased with the land, rights, and interests of another people, at a time when it was being unjustly subjected to [Britain’s] colonialist Mandate and control. And on the other hand, it gave the right to colonize the land to the Jewish Zionist groups, a foreign and un-rooted minority with no connection to the land (sic., archaeological and historical evidence decisively proves the ancient Jewish connection to Israel)…


The launch of the deal of the century (i.e., US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan) and the new disgrace on Dec. 6, 2017, was a dramatic turning point, both in the mutual relations between the American administration and the Zionist project and in the war against the Palestinian people, when [US President Donald Trump] recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (see note below –Ed.) and afterwards transferred the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Palestinian capital in May 2018. Afterwards, on Jan. 28, 2020, the official announcement came of his ominous deal, which was rightly considered a practical completion of the rest of the clauses of the ominous [Balfour] Promise.


Corrupt Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu expressed this after President Trump transferred the American Embassy to Jerusalem, when he compared the real estate dealer to Lord Balfour who gave the ominous promise, and to former US President [Harry] Truman because he was the first to recognize Israel as a state. He also compared him to Persian King Cyrus [the Great], who returned the exiled Jews to Jerusalem…


The leaders of the Zionist colonialist state go to great lengths to praise the new Balfour and his place in history, while he is breaking down the walls of the official Arab system and dragging many states into recognition of the Zionist state at the expense of the Palestinian national rights and interests (refers to Israeli peace agreements with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan; see note below –Ed.).”





The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Rothschild stating that "His Majesty's government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." In 1922, the League of Nations adopted this and made the British Mandate "responsible for putting into effect the declaration," which led to the UN vote in favor of partitioning Mandatory Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state in 1947. In response, Britain ended its mandate on May 15, 1948, and the Palestinian Jews, who accepted the Partition Plan, declared the independent State of Israel. The Palestinian Arabs rejected the plan and together with 7 Arab states attacked Israel, in what is now known as Israel's War of Independence.

The Trump peace plan – US President Donald Trump announced his Israel–Palestinian peace plan "Peace to Prosperity" – commonly known as “the deal of the century” - on Jan. 28, 2020. Main points of the plan: 1- Israeli sovereignty would be applied to the Jordan Valley and all Israeli towns and cities in the West Bank. 2- Jerusalem, including all its holy sites, would remain under Israeli sovereignty with accommodations made to enable access for Palestinians. 3- The remainder of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and part of what is currently Israeli land in the Negev, the Galilee, and Jerusalem - creating a territory almost equal in size to the West Bank and Gaza Strip - would form the Palestinian state, with its capital in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that are outside of Israel's security wall. 4- The Palestinian state would be demilitarized, with Israel responsible for external security and controlling all airspace. 5- All Palestinian prisoners except murderers, and those who attempted or conspired to murder would be released. 6- Palestinians in refugee camps would be absorbed into their host countries and, subject to certain limitations, into the Palestinian state. 7- Before becoming a state, the Palestinians would have to carry out extensive reform of their laws and institutions, including implementing a new governing system; granting its people due process and basic human rights and freedoms; end all incitement to and incentivizing of terror; end all glorification of terror and martyrdom; disarm Hamas; and adopt a culture promoting peace. The goal of the plan is to create a Palestinian state beside Israel, living in peace and security. The implementation would be facilitated through extensive international investment. 

US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel - On Dec. 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump added that the final borders of Jerusalem will be determined during negotiations. The US embassy was transferred from Tel Aviv and opened in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, the anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence in 1948 according to the Gregorian calendar.

Israeli peace agreements with the UAE and Bahrain – an agreement normalizing diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), called the Abraham Accords, was announced on Aug. 13, 2020, under the mediation of US President Donald Trump. Following the UAE, Bahrain signed a similar peace agreement with Israel, as was announced on Sept. 11, 2020. Pursuant to the Abraham Accords, Israel and the UAE will discuss bilateral cooperation on a number of topics. In exchange for the agreement, Israel agreed to suspend its previously announced plans to apply Israel's civilian law to parts of Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley as per the Trump peace plan. The US announced that “Muslims throughout the world who wish to come in peace to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque, will now be able to fly to Tel Aviv through Abu Dhabi to do so and will be welcomed.”