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PA Daily seeks to fearmonger by claiming that Donald trump's Peace Plan "establishes the Zionist entity as leader of the Arab region"

Excerpt of an op-ed by Fawzi Ali Al-Samhouri


Headline: “From Balfour to Trump – what now?”




“[US President Donald] Trump’s vision for the future of the Arab region and his plot, the deal of the century (i.e., Trump’s Middle East peace plan), are the other side of the Balfour Declaration.  They are even liable to be worse than it, because of the danger in their consequences and effects on the Arab world, and this is due to many reasons such as:

  • The attempt to enable the aggressive and expansionist Zionist movement to control the decision making in the states that have recognized or will recognize the racist Zionist entity (refers to Israeli peace agreements with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan; see note below –Ed.)…
  • Establishing the Zionist entity as leader, or even police officer, that leads and controls the affairs of the Arab region. The promise to give easements for building military bases is only meant for them to serve as points of departure in its future wars.

Therefore, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s strategy, which is based on exploiting President Trump’s term, is not just to take by force legitimacy for the existence [of the Zionist entity] as a foreign and artificial entity, but also to allow it to take control of distant strategic geographic areas on land and sea…


The message that Trump and Netanyahu – with all that they represent – must understand is that even if it appears to them that their plans are succeeding, history shows and will continue to show that the peoples will not submit, and that sooner or later they will rise up against them to defend their homelands…


While we appreciate the role of the European Union (EU) – which is politically and economically supporting the Palestinian people, its government, and its right to be liberated from the yoke of the Zionist occupation and colonialism and to establish its independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem within the June 4, 1967 borders – it could effectively fulfill a larger role:

  • Immediately recognizing the Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem within the borders that were determined in the relevant international resolutions.
  • Forcing the Zionist entity to define its borders and submit them to the UN, like the rest of the world states, on condition that they will not deviate from the [borders] that appear in the international resolutions, which unjustly gave it the legitimacy for its existence.”




The Trump peace plan – US President Donald Trump announced his Israel–Palestinian peace plan "Peace to Prosperity" – commonly known as “the deal of the century” - on Jan. 28, 2020. Main points of the plan: 1- Israeli sovereignty would be applied to the Jordan Valley and all Israeli towns and cities in the West Bank. 2- Jerusalem, including all its holy sites, would remain under Israeli sovereignty with accommodations made to enable access for Palestinians. 3- The remainder of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and part of what is currently Israeli land in the Negev, the Galilee, and Jerusalem - creating a territory almost equal in size to the West Bank and Gaza Strip - would form the Palestinian state, with its capital in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that are outside of Israel's security wall. 4- The Palestinian state would be demilitarized, with Israel responsible for external security and controlling all airspace. 5- All Palestinian prisoners except murderers, and those who attempted or conspired to murder would be released. 6- Palestinians in refugee camps would be absorbed into their host countries and, subject to certain limitations, into the Palestinian state. 7- Before becoming a state, the Palestinians would have to carry out extensive reform of their laws and institutions, including implementing a new governing system; granting its people due process and basic human rights and freedoms; end all incitement to and incentivizing of terror; end all glorification of terror and martyrdom; disarm Hamas; and adopt a culture promoting peace. The goal of the plan is to create a Palestinian state beside Israel, living in peace and security. The implementation would be facilitated through extensive international investment. 


The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Rothschild stating that "His Majesty's government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." In 1922, the League of Nations adopted this and made the British Mandate "responsible for putting into effect the declaration," which led to the UN vote in favor of partitioning Mandatory Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state in 1947. In response, Britain ended its mandate on May 15, 1948, and the Palestinian Jews, who accepted the Partition Plan, declared the independent State of Israel. The Palestinian Arabs rejected the plan and together with 7 Arab states attacked Israel, in what is now known as Israel's War of Independence.


Israeli peace agreements with the UAE and Bahrain