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Relatives of Palestinian terrorist prisoner greet him via PA TV programme

Official PA TV program I Call You, the program visits the house of prisoner Majdi Salem who is serving 19 years – PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes




Official PA TV host: “Surely you have a special message for your husband, prisoner Majdi [Salem]. We hope that Allah willing he will be with you soon. What do you want to wish [him] for the holiday [of Eid Al-Fitr] (i.e., Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan)?”


Wife of prisoner Majdi Salem: “By Allah, I say to him happy holiday. Allah willing, may Allah grant us that you will be among us next year. [If] not next year, soon you will be with us among your sons and daughters.”


Host: “How can you reassure brother Majdi [Salem] ‘Abu Luay’ about his children, about the family? How can you reassure him with your message?”


Brother of Majdi Salem: “First of all, Allah be praised, all the children are excelling at school. They are doing very well.”


Host: “What personal message do you want to convey today to your uncle for the holiday?”


Nephew of Majdi Salem: “I say to him happy holiday. I hope that he will leave [prison] and we will see him at the next holiday, at Eid Al-Adha (i.e., “the Sacrifice Feast” holiday).”