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PLO depicts Palestinian terrorist stabber as an "innocent child"

Text posted on the Facebook page of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs


Posted text: “Ahmad Manasrah (i.e., terrorist, stabbed and wounded 2 people together with an accomplice): The child who bid farewell to his childhood in handcuffs

By: [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ [Affairs] in Gaza Executive Committee member Abd Al-Nasser Farwaneh


This story began on Oct. 12, 2015, mere days after the outbreak of ‘the Al-Quds Intifada’ (i.e., 2015-2016 Palestinian terror wave, 40 murdered). The Israeli occupation soldiers shot with their sub-machine guns at two Jerusalem children, Ahmad and Hassan Manasrah (sic., Hassan was shot while Ahmad was hit by a civilian car, thereby ending their stabbing attack), in the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev in occupied Jerusalem, on the pretext that they attempted to carry out a stabbing operation, without relating to their young age and their innocent childhood. They were wounded and left to bleed in the street without being provided with the necessary medical treatment. Afterwards, their bodies were subjected to a despicable assault by settlers who stepped on them, beat them vigorously, harassed them, and cursed them, even though they knew that they were seriously wounded. Hassan ascended to Heaven as a Martyr, but Ahmad, who was not yet 14, was seriously wounded and afterwards arrested and interrogated before being transferred to the hospital in chains to stay there in intensive care. However, after a short period and before he had completely healed, he was transferred to the interrogation centers.

From there, from the pit that is called ‘the interrogation centers,’ came the ‘I don’t remember' video. This was a segment that the Israeli occupation leaked in which Jerusalem child Ahmad Manasrah is seen answering the questions of the interrogation officer while shouting ‘I don’t remember.’ It was a most shocking and painful sight and one of the most prominent sights of ‘the Al-Quds Intifada’ that were preserved in the Palestinian memory, and are still on the mind of everyone who watched and monitoring the event. The event will remain an important cause in the Palestinians’ collective memory and among all defenders of children’s rights and the free people in the entire world, as Ahmad became the symbol of the intifada and of the tormented Palestinian childhood.



Hassan Manasrah and Ahmad Manasrah - Palestinian terrorist cousins aged 15 and 13 respectively who stabbed and seriously wounded Yosef Ben Shalom (21) and Naor Ben Ezra (13) in the Pisgat ‎Ze'ev neighborhood in northeastern Jerusalem on Oct. 12, 2015. Hassan Manasrah was shot and killed by Israeli police and Ahmad Manasrah was hit by a civilian car, arrested, and hospitalized. Ahmad Manasrah is serving 9.5 years in prison for two counts of attempted murder, after his original 12-year sentence was shortened by the Israeli Supreme Court on Aug. 10, 2017, which claimed he had "gone a long way in his rehabilitation."

Palestinian terror wave (2015-2016) – Palestinian violence and terror attacks against Israelis, ‎including stabbings, shootings, throwing Molotov cocktails, and car rammings. It started in September 2015 and as of July 2016, 40 people were murdered (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans, and 1 foreign worker from Eritrea) and over 500 wounded.