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PA official criticizes Hamas for agreeing to the expulsion of certain prisoners released by Israel

"The PA expressed disappointment yesterday over Hamas' agreement to let Israel expel some of the prisoners slated for release as part of the captive exchange deal [for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit]… In an interview with the 'France 24' [TV] channel, [PA] Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki questioned the timing of the exchange deal, noting that Hamas and Israel were perhaps planning to embarrass the PA. He said, 'We are happy about the release of 1027 prisoners', but added, 'But we feel great disappointment that some of them will be transferred to the Gaza Strip and will not be permitted to remain in their homes with their families in the West Bank, and that some others will be expelled from the country.'… Al-Malki said, 'We are greatly disappointed by that part of the deal, because we do not want to see any Palestinian exiled from his region, through a decision by [members of] his nation… Here, Hamas decided to agree to the expulsion of these people from their homes in the West Bank and from Palestine altogether.'"

Note: Maliki goes on to hint that the timing of the deal, coming shortly after Abbas' appeal to the UN, is meant to dilute the effect of the appeal and to harm Abbas’ popularity.