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Terrorist who was “martyred” is “advocate with Allah” for his family

Majed Kamamji, brother of terrorist prisonerAyham Kamamji: “I want to convey a message to [my brother] Ayham that Almighty Allah be praised, we got an advocate with Allah, and we got a Martyr in our home, Almighty Allah be praised.”

Poster: “The heroic Martyr Shas Kamamji”

“Martyr” Shas Kamamji shot at Israeli security forces and was killed on April 14, 2022. He is the “Martyr” who will be able to intervene on behalf of 70 of his family members on Judgment Day, thereby ensuring them the reward of Afterlife - according to Islamic belief. Shas Kamamji was the brother of terrorist prisoner Ayham Kamamji, who is being addressed in the PA TV program by a third brother, Majed Kamamji.

Ayham Kamamji - Islamic Jihad terrorist who participated in the murder of 18-year-old Eliyahu Asheri on June 25, 2006, and planned to blow up a bus using an exploding car. Kamamji was sentenced to 2 life sentences. Kamamji was one of 6 terrorist prisoners who escaped from Israel's Gilboa Prison on Sept. 6, 2021; he was rearrested on Sept. 18, 2021.

Shas Kamamji and Mustafa Abu Al-Rub – Palestinian terrorists who shot at Israeli security forces conducting arrests near Jenin on April 14, 2022; the forces returned fire, killing Kamamji and Al-Rub. Kamamji was a member of the Islamic Jihad terror organization and the brother of terrorist prisoner Ayham Kamamji.