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Israel is "satanic" cries PA, while saying that they have been "infected by the virus of Jewish terror"

Excerpt of a column by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Netanyahu’s militias – war crimes and organized terror”




“The settlers are criminals, highway robbers, barbarians, and they are organized by the two establishments, the political establishment and security establishment, in the colonialist and racist Israeli occupation system, and they serve as tools to implement the plan of gradual annexation without the need to declare official decisions on this matter. A foreign rabble, those who violently attack the Palestinian civilians with firearms as they drive on the roads of their occupied land, they are nothing but special units – who superficially look like civilians – trained in implementing the orders of the high political echelons to terrorize the Palestinian civilians who own the land…


The goal of the Israeli occupation governments was and still is to control the historical and natural land of Palestine, while focusing on the political ideology of settlement that is cast into a religious frame, a satanic ideology that the occupation state’s governments are adopting as a source of authority to prove its credibility among the extremist Israeli public in particular, and it is using war criminals in civilian clothing out of an assumption that thus they will bypass the global public opinion, will evade the international courts, and will escape standing before the UN’s institutions of international legitimacy. This is despite the heads of the two institutions, the political institution and the security institution, knowing that the settlers’ actions are classified as war crimes by international law, not due to their bloody crimes against the Palestinian civilians, but rather due to their involvement in the crime of demographic change according to which the occupation system governments are working under the so-called Jewish settlement…


[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is aware that the Palestinian people’s patience will wear out suddenly when the humiliation and shedding the blood of the peaceful children, women, and fathers in the streets become meals of his criminal settler wolves, whether individuals or organized, who are led by special and joint military and political operations rooms…


[In] the racist colonialist occupation system entity, the occupation army continues to be infected by the virus of Jewish terror that forces its leadership on the ground, the senior officials, and the central figures in the leading positions to hide the facts, hide their heads [in the sand], and lay the groundwork for the highway robbers, criminals, and settlers as they are on their way to commit a crime.”