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PA Daily describes terrorists as "young people" and calls their attack an "operation"

Headline: “An extensive Israeli search campaign seeking those who carried out the Elad operation


“Yesterday, Tuesday [May 6, 2022], the Israeli police continued an extensive security operation that began two nights ago searching for two young people who carried out an operation that caused the deaths of three Israelis in Elad next to Tel Aviv (refers to terrorists As’ad Al-Rifai and Subhi Abu Shuqeir who murdered 3 -Ed.).

This is the sixth attack against Israeli targets since March 22 [2022] (when terrorist Muhammad Abu Al-Qi’an murdered 4 -Ed.), and it took place in Elad, which is in central Israel and where approximately 50,000 people, including a large number of extremist Jews (sic., ultra-Orthodox Jews), live.”




As'ad Al-Rifai and Subhi Abu Shuqeir - Palestinian terrorists aged 19 and 20 respectively who used axes and knives to murder 3 Israeli civilians - Oren Ben Yiftah, Yonatan Habakuk, and Boaz Gol - at a park in Elad east of Tel Aviv on Israeli Independence Day, May 5, 2022. Al-Rifai and Shuqeir worked in the town without work permits and therefore knew the area well. The two escaped after the attack and were arrested on May 8, 2022.


Muhammad Abu Al-Qi’an – Israeli Bedouin terrorist and ISIS supporter who murdered 4 Israeli civilians – Doris Yachbas, Laura Yitzhak, Rabbi Moshe Kravitsky, and Menachem Yehezkel – and wounded 2 others in a car ramming and stabbing attack at an outdoor shopping mall in Be’er Sheva on March 22, 2022, before two Israeli civilians shot and killed him to stop his rampage. Al-Qi’an was a high school teacher and mosque preacher in Hura in the Negev who previously served 4 years in prison for attempting to join ISIS in Syria and inciting to terror in his sermons; he was released in 2019.

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