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Ancient Roman words are derived from Arabic, claims PA TV

Official PA TV, filler This is Palestine, on the Arab village of Saris, west of Jerusalem, that fell during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence and is currently the site of the Israeli town of Shoresh



Official PA TV narrator: “Regarding the name of the village [Saris], sources have noted that it stems from the Roman name Ceres, which is the name of the goddess of the harvest. But we see that there is an ancient Arabic word in the Canaanite-Phoenician dialect (sic., the Canaanite peoples were not Arab, as shown by archaeological DNA studies) that is more ancient than the Roman word, and it is the word ‘shirsh’ that we still use in the spoken language… which means ‘root’ (the Hebrew word “shoresh” means “root” –Ed.)… and probably this is a Roman word that was distorted from the Arabic language, because Arabic is more ancient and the word is closer to the Arabic form and the structure of the Arabic language.”