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PLO and PA TV deny Israel's existence, “Palestine” is from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River in TV quiz

Official PA TV host: “What borders Palestine from the four directions?”

Man: “From the west is the Mediterranean Sea.”

Host: “Nice.”

Man: “From the east is the Jordan [River].”

Host: “Right.”

Man: “From the north is Lebanon.”
Host: “And from the south?”

Man: “From the south is the Gulf of Aqaba…

Host: “Correct answer. You won 20 [Jordanian] dinars, a gift from the [PLO] Department of Refugee [Affairs].”
[Official PA TV, From the Refugee Camp, April 26, 2022]

This was filmed in the Khan Yunis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip
20 Jordanian dinars is approximately $28

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