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"The red anemone flower symbolizes Martyrdom and self-sacrifice" teaches PA to 4th graders

PA Ministry of Education TV, fourth grade Arabic lesson



Narrator: “The anemone, a beautiful red wild flower that decorates the streets of Palestine at the beginning of spring. This flower is called… ‘the sisters of Al-Nu’man,’ because it is said that this flower grew on the grave of Al-Nu’man [III] ibn Mundhir, the Arab king who refused to hand over Arab women as captives to the king of Persia hundreds of years ago. And therefore the King of Persia Khosrow killed him, and the flowers grew on his grave and were named after him: ‘the sisters of Al-Nu’man.’

In Palestine this red flower symbolizes Martyrdom and self-sacrifice. The gaze of whoever looks at any ground in our land falls on these flowers, and they whisper in his ear: A Martyr fell here who watered my land with his blood. How numerous are the anemones in our land.”