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Israel isn't protecting Palestinian prisoners form Coronavirus, baselessly accuses PA

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Health discussed the health of the prisoners in the shadow of the Coronavirus epidemic with the Red Cross”




“[PA] Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila called on the Red Cross and the international community to pressure Israel and force it to implement the international conventions concerning the prisoners in order to defend them, and especially in the shadow of the Coronavirus epidemic.


During her meeting with Director of the Red Cross mission Els Debuf at her office in Ramallah yesterday [July 27, 2020], Minister Al-Kaila added that Israel is fully responsible for the lives of the prisoners, and especially the sick among them, at a time when it is not implementing any measures to protect the prisoners’ lives, and particularly in the shadow of the spread of the Coronavirus.”




The article includes a picture from the meeting in PA Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila’s office; on the upper shelf in the background on the right is a decoration in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.