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Fatah Secretary: “The occupation wants to strip Jerusalem of its identity, falsify its essence, distort its identity, Islamicness, and political identity"

Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem


Fatah Secretary in Jerusalem Shadi Mattour: “The occupation wants to strip the holy city [of Jerusalem of its identity], it wants to falsify its essence, it wants to distort its identity, Islamicness, its political identity. Therefore we see this ongoing attack by the occupation, and His Honor Jerusalem [District] Governor brother Adnan [Ghaith] represents this situation (Ghaith was arrested on July 19, 2020, on suspicion of “planning an act of terrorism” –Ed.). They are fighting the official Palestinian presence. All the representatives and all the political and religious symbols in this holy city are being subjected to arrests as part of the war against this holy city’s identity. The occupation is also fighting our presence through break-ins and- all these biblical parks that it wants to establish in the city… This holy city is being subjected to war, and we are decreed to stand in the first line of our Palestinian people.”