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Suicide bomber's accomplice about killing 15: If time could go backwards I would do it again

In October 2011, the Israeli government agreed to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prison in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held hostage by Hamas for more than 5 years. Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi was one of the prisoners released in the exchange deal.
Video interview on Jordanian Internet website with Ahlam Tamimi from her parents' home in Jordan.
"How did you take the sentence?" [15 life sentences]
Tamimi: "I'm a Jihad fighter for Allah. A Jihad fighter for Allah is ready for any outcome: either he will die as a Shahid (Martyr), or he will be assassinated, or he will be taken captive; [or] Allah can decree some unknown fate for him – [for instance,] that he will live as a wanted [fugitive]."
Interviewer: "If you could set the clock back, Ahlam, would you carry out, or take part in, a major operation (i.e., terror attack)?"
Tamimi: "Of course. I don't regret what happened, absolutely not. That is the path; I give myself for the sake of Allah, to Jihad for Allah. I carried out [my mission] and Allah made me successful: you know the number of victims who were killed; all that was thanks to the success from Allah. Do you expect me to abandon what I did with that word? Regret is something that is out of the question. If time could go backwards, I would carry out what I did, in the same manner."

Interviewer: "How would you describe the Israelis?"
Tamimi: "The Israelis are a nation upon which it was decreed that it would be dispersed over the earth. Allah decreed this upon them, but international conspiracies, the Balfour Declaration, gave them the right to something to which they have no right."
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Note: Ahlam Tamimi led a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem in August 2001. 15 people were murdered in the attack, 7 of them children. In October 2011, Tamimi was released from Israeli prison as part of the Shalit prisoner exchange deal brokered between the Israeli government and Hamas.

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