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Israel is "attempting to Judaize the archaeological site" in ancient Jewish Sebastia, lies Arab politician on PA TV

Official PA TV News



Official PA TV newsreader: “The [PA] Ministry of Tourism held an activity in Sebastia for students on International Museum Day.”

Palestinian student Samar Al-Kayed: “The occupation’s ongoing presence is essentially meant to steal and destroy these antiquities.”

Sebastia Mayor Muhammad Azem: “The settler gangs and the occupation government are attempting to Judaize the archaeological site in Sebastia (sic., evidence of Jewish history in Sebastia includes the Samaria Ostraca, Hebrew pottery shards from the palace of biblical King Ahab).”

Official PA TV reporter: “On International Museum Day, this history and these structures prove that Sebastia is Palestinian-Canaanite (sic., the Canaanites were not Palestinian), regardless of how the occupation attempts to forge history and falsify the facts.”




Sebastia was the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel in the 9th and 8th centuries BCE and today is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority. The PA frequently claims that Israel is trying to take over the archeological site of Sebastia – which is located in Area C, under full Israeli security and administrative control.