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"The Palestinian people has proven its presence and proven its sovereignty and liberated Jerusalem" declares Abbas’ Spokesperson

Official PA TV, special broadcast on the funeral of Walid Al-Sharif, an Arab rioter who threw rocks at Jews at the Western Wall in April 2022 and while escaping fell and wounded himself, later dying of his wounds on May 14, 2022



Text on screen: “The [PA] presidential office: Israel through its actions is harming the dignity of the dead and the cemeteries”


PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Official Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeina: “There is no doubt that the Palestinian people has decided the issue of sovereignty in Jerusalem and the holy sites. The Palestinian people has proven its presence and proven its sovereignty, and there are those who attempt to harm this sovereignty, but the Palestinian people has restored the shine of Jerusalem and its holy sites. The Palestinian people has liberated Jerusalem, and all the criminal, cruel, and barbaric incidents that are taking place will not change this fact. These affairs are what cause this occupation to go crazy and [cause] a loss of its control over its soldiers. Therefore, Israel needs to immediately stop all these incidents. Matters will not remain as they are, and Israel will be in a state of instability as long as the Palestinian people is in instability.”





Nabil Abu Rudeina also serves as PA Minister of Information, Fatah Commissioner of Information, Culture, and Ideology, and Fatah Central Committee member.

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