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"Behind ISIS are Zionist and American hands" accuses Egyptian film critic

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning





An interview is conducted with Egyptian film critic Nahed Salah, in which she speaks about the Egyptian TV series “The Returnees" about Egyptian security forces attempting to plant agents in ISIS.


Egyptian film critic Nahed Salah: “We have a main and permanent enemy who does not change, and that is the Zionist and Israeli enemy, who has not changed and will not change until now. However, there is another evil enemy who has appeared, and we cannot deny that behind it are Zionist and American hands-”


Official PA TV reporter: “[It is] a Zionist product, of course.”


Nahed Salah: “And it is ISIS and the terror organizations that threaten the Egyptian and Arab national security and threaten the Arab image in the eyes of others. The series ‘The Returnees’ discusses this in the form of an action series."