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Released prisoners who carried out killings, kidnappings, and suicide bombings “have written the purest pages of greatness… in history”

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh speaking at a mosque in a refugee camp in Gaza. . In the audience: prisoners released in the Shalit deal.
Haniyeh praises the released prisoners:
"Each of these heroes has a story, a story of Jihad and a story of heroism. The names here [on the list of released prisoners] are great names. All of them are great. We cannot dwell on any name, or forget any name. But we are speaking of great, mighty names of those who carried out operations of direct killing, operations (i.e., terror attacks) in buses, Martyrdom-seekers (i.e., suicide bombers), kidnappings of soldiers, persecution of settlers, persecution of occupiers – [all] these are heroes! [They are] great! They have written the purest pages of greatness and glory in history."

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