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PA Daily renames Israel "the territories that were occupied in 1948"

Headline: “Prisoner Mahmoud Issa began his 30th year in prison”


“In addition to his long journey of struggle, [prisoner Mahmoud] Issa (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 3) worked on journalistic writing, as he worked at ‘The Voice of Freedom and Right’ that was published in the territories that were occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel).”



Mahmoud Issa – Palestinian terrorist and member of the Hamas cell that kidnapped and murdered Israeli border police officer Nissim Toledano on Dec. 13, 1992. Issa also shot and murdered 2 Israeli police officers – Daniel Hazut and Mordechai Yisrael – at Talmei Elazar Junction east of Hadera on March 30, 1993. Issa also attempted to run over 2 Israeli soldiers and shot and wounded an Israeli police officer. Issa is serving 3 life sentences and an additional 46 years.