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"Sooner or later the Palestinian people will defeat the Israeli occupation in all its forms and defeat the colonialist Zionist project" – Official PA Daily

Headline: “On the 55th anniversary of the Naksa – Fatah: Our Palestinian people is more decisive in its resolve on its land and will defeat the occupation and racism”




“On the 55th anniversary of the Naksa (i.e., "the setback," Palestinian term for Israel's victory in the Six Day War), the Fatah Movement emphasized that the mighty Palestinian people is more decisive today in its adherence to its homeland and its resolve on it, regardless of the sacrifices and the suffering. It noted that the Palestinian people’s heroic struggle is on the right side of history, and sooner or later it will deliver defeat to the Israeli occupation in all its forms and will defeat the colonialist Zionist project that strives against its existence and legal national rights in its homeland of Palestine.

Fatah explained that Israel, after 74 years since the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and 55 years since the Naksa and the despicable settler colonialist occupation, has failed in erasing the Palestinian truth, because it is a truth that is consistent with the logic of justice and the historical right, and does not rely on a false narrative as is the case of their narrative…

Fatah said that the causes and factors for the defeat of the expansive Zionist project basically lie in it being a racist project that negates the rights and existence of the other, a reactionary project that goes back to the period of old colonialism and whose fate is in the trash can of history.”