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EU gives the PA 76 million shekels to help Palestinian families

Headline: “Majdalani: The allowances of the poor families will be paid on Thursday in all districts of the homeland”





“[PA] Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani said that on Thursday [Dec. 24, 2020] the [PA] Ministry [of Social Development] will pay the allowances of the poor [Palestinian] families who are benefiting from the cash transfer program in all districts of the homeland (I.e., Palestine). In a press release yesterday, Sunday, Majdalani added that the amount for the allowances that will be transferred in this payment stands at 136,151,268 [Israeli] shekels, and 115,000 families will benefit from it, including approximately 80,000 families in the Gaza Strip who will receive 106 million shekels, and approximately 35,000 families in the West Bank who will receive 30 million shekels.


He explained that the [PA] government’s participation in this payment stands at 44% of the total amount, and that the European Union (EU) is participating56% of the total amount.


Majdalani thanked the EU for their ongoing support for the social protection program in the shadow of the political and monetary challenges with which the State of Palestine is dealing.”





Ahmed Majdalani also serves as Secretary-General of the terror organization Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF), PLO Executive Committee member, and head of the PLO Department of Labor and Planning.