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Germany pledges 56 million euros to Palestine for “essential projects and sectors which have priority for the [PA] government”

Text posted on the Facebook page of the PA Prime Minister’s Office



Posted text: “The conversations between the German and Palestinian sides have brought about Germany’s commitment to support essential projects of Palestine with a total worth approximately 56 million euros for 2021.



[PA] Prime Minister’s Advisor for Planning and Coordinating Aid Dr. Stefan Salameh said that the aid will be allocated to essential projects and sectors that have priority for the [PA] government, the most important of which are the water and sewage sector, local government, municipal infrastructure projects, support for the private sector, for small and medium-sized companies, and for the agricultural sector through cluster development. This is in addition to youth employment, education, and professional training. He also said that the aid will cover all the Palestinian lands – in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.”