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1931 passport from British Mandate Palestine, issued by the British Mandate and written in Hebrew is called “A Palestinian passport... from the 1931 Palestinian government” by Fatah

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture



Posted text: “A Palestinian passport that was issued by the [British Mandate] government of Palestine in 1931

Presenter: Attorney Akram Abu Sharar, California


Comment: The presence of a caption in Hebrew on the passport indicates nothing except that there was a Jewish-Palestinian minority whose rights that are equal to those of the Palestinian members of the other religions were recognized by the government of Palestine under the British Mandate (sic., the British Mandate governed the land of Israel at the time, not “a Palestinian government”), and it considered their language as an official language in the land. This does not mean that the Jews have a right or precedence in their presence in Palestine. This also was preparation for the Judaization of Palestine since the Mandate. In addition, this is not a historical exhibit.”


The image shows a British Mandate passport.