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PA TV praises planner of Passover suicide bombing that killed 30

In October 2011, the Israeli government agreed to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prison in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held hostage by Hamas for more than 5 years.
PA TV program In a Fighter's Home visits the home of prisoner Abbas Al-Sayid a week after:
PA TV host:
"We are outside the home of the patient, heroic fighter who is resolute, vanquishing his chains, desiring freedom – Abbas Al-Sayid, the lion of the prison cells"
The TV host, seated in Al-Sayid's home in between two released female prisoners, Du'a Al-Jayousi and Nasrin Abu Zeneh, asks them:
"[What is] your feeling now, in the home of Abbas Al-Sayid – the leader, hero, defeater of the enemies, defeater of the dungeons, and lion of interrogation?"
Du'a Al-Jayousi: "I salute him and say to him that I wanted to come on this visit, and that he would welcome me. We have heard much about him. He was an example and role model for us, we wanted very much to meet him."
Abu Zeneh: "I am very happy to be in his home, the home of the great fighter. Everyone respects him. And because of that I now bow my head in respect and appreciation to him. Honor and pride. He is from my city, from Tulkarem. I am proud of Tulkarem, and I am proud of him. I am very glad to be here today. I asked how he's doing; that is the first thing that I did. I inquired about his health. Just as we know him to be, so the Palestinian nation, too, is strong. Allah willing, Abbas Al-Sayid will surely remain strong always."
Released prisoner Muayyad Al-Jallad: "I do not forget our neighbor and brother, Abbas Al- Sayid. He is the crown on our heads. Allah willing, we will soon rejoice for him over his release… He is honor to the nation, and there is no doubt that he raises our stature. Allah willing, he has enough patience and will. We do not need to raise the spirits of Abbas Al-Sayid, the heroic leader; we are all familiar with his manly qualities, the qualities of heroism and strength."
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Note: Abbas Al- Sayid – sentenced to 35 life sentences for planning the suicide bombing on the Jewish Passover Seder at Hotel Park in 2002 in which killed 29 Israelis and a suicide bombing in Netanya in which 5 were killed and 100 wounded in 2001.
Du'a Al-Jayousi – sentenced to 3 life sentences for leading a suicide bomber to his attack in Netanya in 2002 in which 3 Israelis were killed.
Nasrin Abu Zeneh – sentenced to 3 years in prison. PMW has not been able to establish for what crime.

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