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PA daily article: There is no doubt that Nazism is part of the "racist Zionist mentality"

Article by Mahmoud Jaber Alrifi, member of the Palestinian Writers’ Union
     "This [prisoner exchange] deal was also carried out in the shadow of the [hunger] strike that is being held by the prisoners [in protest] against the policy of depriving [the prisoners of] elementary human rights, giving the struggle against the Israeli occupation a clear human aspect in addition to its political aspect, since right-wing and left-wing Israeli governments have harmed this aspect for years, through severe collective punishments, in a manner that leaves no room for doubt as to the Nazism of the racist Zionist mentality… This deal was painful from the point of view of the [Zionist] entity state, as [Minister of Defense, Ehud] Barak said - because the extreme right-wing Israeli government backed down on the conditions which it had maintained in every round of negotiations concerning the [prisoner] exchange, such as not releasing prisoners whom the racist entity state claims have hands stained with Jewish blood, or those sentenced to lengthy prison terms, as well as prisoners from Jerusalem and the Palestinian Interior (i.e., Israel). Also, the deal included prisoners from all the factions, regardless of their relative representation, and was also an Arab [release], since it included a prisoner from the occupied Syrian Golan [Heights]. Thus, [the deal] scored an important victory for the willpower of the Palestinian people, as well as a victory for the line of resistance, in all its forms, which is destined to be strengthened, and the Palestinian people and its political forces will believe in it more and more, as Israeli stubbornness increases."