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Refugee about war in 1948: Arab media “lied and deceived” people

Refugee about war in 1948: Arab media “lied and deceived” people, claiming the Jews “killed and slaughtered”

[Official PA TV, My Home is There, May 14, 2022]

Palestinian refugee Muhammad Khana Zakariya: “The resistance [in 1948] was organized but every town was alone. We had no leadership, because when the Arab armies came in, they did not agree to recognize a Palestinian state… The most dangerous thing for us was the media. There was no [Arab] TV. There were [Arab] radio and newspapers. Every night towards evening I would read the paper to the elderly in our neighborhood. They enjoyed it and were happy. They heard that in a certain town the Jews did this and that. They killed and slaughtered. Of course, the newspapers lied, and the radio also lied. In other words, they deceived the people. [They said:] The [Arab] armies are coming, the forces are coming, and so on. No way.”

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