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Red Cross spokeswoman: Israel never prevented Red Cross from visiting Palestinian prisoners

PA TV’s morning broadcast Good Morning, Palestine interviewed Red Cross spokeswoman Nadia Debsi about the role of the Red Cross in times of crisis and conflict.
PA TV host: “[The Red Cross] visits the prisoners in the occupation's prisons (i.e., Israeli prisons). However, when they [Israel] prevent Red Cross teams from visiting prisoners, what is your position on this? Do you make it public? We haven't heard. In the past, we heard clearly and explicitly that a Red Cross lawyer was prevented from visiting prisoners as part of the [Israeli]attack that they [the prisoners] face…”
Red Cross spokeswoman: “To make things clear, as far as I know, no Red Cross visits have been prevented. I’ve received no word at all that [Israel] ever prevented us [from visiting].”
Host: “Are the prison gates open to you at all times?”
Red Cross spokeswoman: “We have an agreement with the Israeli side just as we have an agreement with the Palestinian side concerning prison visits. That is, there is an agreement between the [Israel] Prison Service and the Red Cross… Red Cross representatives of course visit everyone held in Israeli prisons, and we return to visit these prisons, especially people currently in solitary confinement. We visit them every two months, and especially the places where they hold young people. For example, the Ofer Prison. We visit [those places] more frequently because young people are there, and [because of] the special protection given to young people and minors in detention.”
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