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PA to raise salaries of terrorists who bombed the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Maurice Hirsch, Adv.  |
  • To date, the PA rewarded the terrorists responsible for the bombing 8,022,600 shekels ($2,579,614) 
  • Every month the PA pays them an additional 63,950 shekels ($20,563) 

  • This month the PA will raise the salaries of 4 of the terrorists by 14.29% 

On this day 20 years ago, Palestinian terrorists exploded a bomb in the Frank Sinatra cafeteria of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem murdering 9 people, including five American citizens, and injuring over 80 others. This attack was one of many terror attacks carried out by the same terrorist cell. 

Four of the members of the terrorist cell that carried out the attack - Wael Qassem, Wassim Abbasi, Alla Aldin Abbasi and Muhammed Odeh - were arrested shortly after, in August 2002. Having now spent 20 years in prison, this month, the PA will give each of the terrorists a 14.29% rise in their basic salary, from 7,000 ($2,251) to 8,000 shekels/month ($2,572). Since the terrorists were residents of Jerusalem, the PA pays them an additional supplement of 300 shekels/month ($96). 

To date, the PA has paid each of the these four terrorists a sum of 1,034,500 shekels ($332,637).  

Four of the other terrorists convicted for their part in the attack on the university and other attacks include Muhammad Arman, Walid Anjas, Abdallah Barghouti and Ibrahim Hamed. Each of these terrorists is similarly receiving a monthly salary from the PA.  

While Palestinian Media Watch learnt of the payment of the salaries by the PA to the terrorists through the official PA media and thereafter by researching the relevant PA laws, in a rare incident, PMW received copies of official PA documents that proved the payment of the salaries to a number of prisoners. Two of these documents, referred to Arman and Anjas:  

Muhammad Arman 

The PA records show that Arman was arrested in October 2002 and had previously spent four months in prison. Since Arman was married and had three children, the PA pays him an additional 450 shekels per month (300 shekels for his wife, and 50 shekels for each of his children). Accordingly, the PA is now paying Arman a monthly salary of 8,450 shekels ($2,716). To date, the PA has paid Arman 1,155,700 shekels ($371,607) 

Anjas was arrested in December 2002. At present, the PA is paying him a monthly salary of 7,000 shekels. In December, the PA will also give Anjas a 14.29% salary rise, and start paying him 8,000 shekels per month. To date, the PA has paid Arman 950,800 shekels ($305,723) 

Abdallah Barghouti was arrested in March 2003. Since Barghouti is married, the PA now pays him a monthly salary of 7,300 shekels (including an additional supplement of 300 shekels for his wife). To date, the PA has paid Barghouti 1,009,100 shekels ($324,469)  

Ibrahim Hamed was arrested in May 2006. Accordingly, the PA is currently paying Hamed a monthly salary of 7,000 shekels per month. To date, the PA has paid Hamed 769,000 shekels ($247,266) 

In other words, as a reward for their participation in terror and as a reward for murdering tens of people, the PA has paid these 8 terrorists a cumulative sum of 8,022,600 shekels ($2,579,614). 

Every month, the PA pays the terrorists an additional 63,950 shekels ($20,563) 


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