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PLO summer camps name groups after terrorist murderers

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on the “Jerusalem and the Prisoners” summer camp in Beit Anan organized by the PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports



Beit Anan summer camp director Nadia Shamasneh: “We divide [the camp participants] into groups. There are two groups named after prisoners, one of them is a hunger-striker, Raed Rayyan (PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes -Ed.), and there is also another prisoner, Abd Al-Jawad Yusuf [Shamasneh] (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 4), who is among those who were sentenced to life.”


Beit Anan summer camp children’s department director Ghada Rabia: “We are a people that is being targeted by the occupation. They are attempting to distance us from our land, to change our way of thinking by directing us to fighting games, [cell] phones, and electronic games. We are acting differently, we are trying to use the children’s skills positively so they will develop themselves and keep themselves from things that limit their thinking.”


Palestinian terrorists who, together with their cousin Ibrahim Shamasneh, kidnapped two Israeli teenagers, Lior Tubul and Ronen Karmani, and stabbed them to death (Aug. 4, 1990). They also murdered Israeli taxi driver Rafi Doron. Muhammad Yusuf Shamasneh is serving 3 life sentences and Abd Al-Jawad Yusuf Shamasneh is serving 4 life sentences.

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