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Palestinian public employees will only get 80% of their salary

Headline: “The [PA public] employees’ salaries will be paid today at a rate of 80% of the salary, in addition to 10% of the money to which they are eligible”


“The [PA] Ministry of Finance announced that the [PA] public employees’ salaries for the month of July [2022] will be paid today, Thursday [Aug. 4, 2022]. In a statement it explained that they will be paid at a rate of 80% of the salary, but at no less than 2,000 [Israeli] shekels (approximately $600 -Ed.). In addition, 10% of the salary money to which they are eligible to receive until July 31, 2022, will be paid (refers to sums deducted from them in recent months in which partial salaries were paid -Ed.). The Ministry of Finance emphasized that the rest of this money is tantamount to a debt towards the employees, which will be paid when it is financially possible.”