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Fatah summer camp has kids demonstrating for terrorists

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of the PA Hebron Governorate



Posted text: “[Hebron] District Political Department Director Qais Da’na during participation in a demonstration of solidarity with the child prisoners and a demand to release prisoner Ahmad Manasrah (i.e., terrorist, stabbed and wounded 2 with an accomplice) and all the prisoners in the occupation’s prisons, at the invitation of the Fatah Movement’s central branch Pioneers of Construction and Liberation [Summer] Camp at Ibn Rushd Square.”



The images show Palestinian children in Hebron participating in a demonstration for terrorist prisoners as part of a Fatah summer camp program.


Hassan Manasrah and Ahmad Manasrah - Palestinian terrorist cousins aged 15 and 13 respectively who stabbed and seriously wounded Yosef Ben Shalom (21) and Naor Ben Ezra (13) in the Pisgat ‎Ze'ev neighborhood in northeastern Jerusalem on Oct. 12, 2015. Hassan Manasrah was shot and killed by Israeli police and Ahmad Manasrah was hit by a civilian car, arrested, and hospitalized. Ahmad Manasrah is serving 9.5 years in prison for two counts of attempted murder, after his original 12-year sentence was shortened by the Israeli Supreme Court on Aug. 10, 2017, which claimed he had "gone a long way in his rehabilitation."