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University department head on PA TV: Palestinian heritage “has been stolen by the Jews”

PA TV program Palestine This Morning interviews coordinator of the Popular Culture project, Abd Al-Karim Fatash; head of department for Arab language and communications at the Arab-American University, Muhammad Abu Alrab; and scholar of popular culture Hussein Al-Atari, concerning the Second Conference on Popular Culture in Jenin.
 Fatash: "Much of our heritage has been stolen by the Jews, the Israelis, and that gave the idea for the first Conference [on Popular Culture]… The Palestinian people is rich [in culture]. It has a heritage that is thousands of years old, going back to the Canaanites, and it must be gathered, documented, and preserved."
Al-Atari: "Even this [Palestinian] heritage they [the Israelis] have started to steal. In other words, the Zionist enemy came and tried to steal this heritage, and that which it did not succeed in stealing, it tried to destroy, such that it would not appear to be Palestinian."