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PA libel: Israelis fake history, place coins in excavations

PA libel: Israelis fake history, place coins in excavations to say: “We found coins, and this land is ours”

[Official PA TV, Returning, July 16, 2022]

Writer and poet Faiqa Al-Sous: [The Israelis] wanted to market the falafel to the world as if it was theirs… They have no heritage, no history or heritage. They attempt to steal our heritage…

Official PA TV host: They are attempting to market the Palestinian people’s heritage and the Palestinian garb as if it were part of the Israeli heritage and that they have a place here in this land. Even in the excavations under the Al-Aqsa Mosque and everywhere, they try to place some coins, as if [to say]: “Here, we found coins, and this land is ours.” These are ongoing attempts at falsification.”

Faiqa Al-Sous: They lie. They know they’re lying and the world knows they’re lying… Look at the evil world, we whose narrative is reliable must not publish it, while they spread the false narrative, the false narrative of the occupation.

The PA regularly falsely claims that Israel excavates under the Temple Mount, thereby endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque, however the Israeli Antiquities Authority does not carry out any archaeological excavations on or under the Temple Mount itself due to Muslim sensitivities.