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Fatah terrorists visit school named after Salah Khalaf, Munich Olympics massacre planner

Headline: “Pictures: The [Fatah] Prisoners’ Affairs Commission responded to the invitation of the Salah Khalaf Junior High School for Girls”



“The [Fatah] Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Commission visited the Salah Khalaf Junior High School for Girls in western Gaza, after the school invited it to hold a seminar on the issue of the prisoners in the Israeli prisons.”


Picture posted on the website of Fatah’s Prisoners’ and Released Prisoners’ Commission in the Gaza Strip


The picture shows girls at the Salah Khalaf Junior High School in Gaza.

Abu Iyad (Salah Khalaf) - PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat’s deputy, one of the founders of Fatah, and head of the terror organization Black September, a secret branch of Fatah. Attacks he planned include the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics (Sept. 5, 1972) and the murder of two American diplomats in Sudan (March 1, 1973). It is commonly assumed that his assassin, a former Fatah bodyguard, was sent by the Abu Nidal Organization, a rival Palestinian faction.