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PA accuses Israel of carrying out “Judaization” against Palestinian history

Headline: “Palestinian Dress Day”


“The Palestinians mark Palestinian Dress day every year on July 25, in accordance with [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision on Aug. 1, 2018…

Dress day was established to preserve the ancestors’ history and protect it from theft and the Judaization that the Israeli occupation is carrying out…

Palestinian clothing is one of the main supporting pillars that shape the Palestinian cultural identity, and it is witness to the Palestinian presence whose roots on this land go back to the Canaanite period (sic., the Palestinians have no history prior to the modern period and no connection to the Canaanites).

According to the historians, some of the shapes and images that were woven into the Canaanite royal garments (the queen’s garb) [parentheses in source] are the same ones that exist today [in the Palestinian women’s clothing]. Something that draws attention in most of the Palestinian women’s clothing is the octagonal star. This is a Canaanite star whose roots go back to 4500 BCE. This star represented ‘the goddess of fertility’ among our Canaanite ancestors.”