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Father of 17-year old terrorist shooter: “His greatest wish was Martyrdom, I will not hide that”

Headline: “The night Dirar died as a Martyr”

“Young Dirar Riyad Al-Kafrini (i.e., terrorist, shot at Israeli soldiers) prepared for a normal evening of hanging out with his family in his home in the Al-Jaberiyat neighborhood of the Jenin refugee camp, when he heard sounds of the occupation’s military vehicles invading the camp. He decided to go out to see what was happening.
In the center of the refugee camp’s plaza, next to the great mosque, the occupation soldiers shot at young people who were at the site. A bullet penetrated Dirar’s chest and killed him (sic., the soldiers were arresting senior Islamic Jihad members, and returned fire when Al-Kafrini shot at them).
‘This is a new bullet of a special type that they are using recently. It explodes inside the body after it penetrates it (sic., PMW found no evidence Al-Kafrini was shot with hollow-point bullets)’ – so says the father of Martyr Dirar, while describing what happened to his only son. The Martyr has two younger sisters…
The father said: ‘Dirar, my only son, went out like the rest of the camp’s young people to discover what happened during the invasion. That was the last time he went out of the house, and the last time I saw him. May Allah have mercy on him.’ …
[The father] Riyad Al-Kafrini began to speak about his son’s attributes, and said: ‘His greatest wish was Martyrdom, I will not hide that. He is the friend of a number of young people who died as Martyrs here in the camp. This is how the young people are here, enthusiasm always causes them to join their friends [who died].’”


Dirar Al-Kafrini – 17-year-old member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization who shot at Israeli forces in Jenin on Aug. 1, 2022, and was killed by return fire.