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Official PA Daily glorifies terrorist who shot at soldiers

Headline: “An awe-inspiring funeral procession bidding farewell to Martyr Dirar Al-Karini in Jenin and its refugee camp”


“The father of Martyr [Dirar Al-Kafrini] (i.e., terrorist, shot at Israeli soldiers) held the occupation authorities and its undercover units fully responsible for the execution of his son Dirar. He emphasized that the occupation soldiers prevented the rescue teams from saving his life and left him on the ground.

He also said that the occupation authorities executed his defenseless son (sic., Al-Kafrini shot at soldiers) with bullets whose usage is banned internationally, and called to provide defense for our people.”


Dirar Al-Kafrini – 17-year-old member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization who shot at Israeli forces in Jenin on Aug. 1, 2022, and was killed by return fire.