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US and Israel are creating an atmosphere that will lead to Israel assassinating Abbas

Headline: "Beware of Abbas being poisoned!"
"'Obstacle to peace'; 'non-partner'; 'harms his people' – these and other slogans were said about Arafat before he was murdered… The tone adopted by the Israeli foreign minister and others, and the fierce opposition of the US to the decision by the Palestinian leadership to turn to the UN and to UNESCO, place the Palestinian President, Abbas, in a situation similar to that which President Yasser Arafat was put in, and which led to his murder with substances which have not yet been discovered. The incitement against the Palestinian people and the hostility towards it – which cost the life of the historic President of the Palestinian people, Yasser Arafat – are now being repeated towards Abbas, although he has declared our position against the violence which the US and Israel have used as an excuse to impose a siege on Arafat… The atmosphere which is being created by the US and the Israeli setting of the pace is, in my opinion, the requiem. Beware of Abbas being poisoned [by Israel], and afterwards it will be discovered that the substance is unknown, even though right now the substance is Liberman and the American Congress."