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PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs: Released Palestinian prisoners are "war captives" and "lawful captives"

Headline: "[Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa] Karake sends letter of protest to American Consul over Congress incitement against released prisoner"
“Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake met with the American vice consul, Rick Waters… [and] expressed his denunciation of the call of some Congress Members to add the prisoners released in the latest [prisoner] exchange deal to the so-called terror list. … In the letter, Karake wrote: 'The incitement by members of the American Congress is contrary to international humanitarian law, UN resolutions, and all human principles and values, which view Palestinian prisoners as war captives and as lawful fighters who resisted occupation in a legitimate manner, for the sake of freedom, justice and independence…
The released prisoners were nothing but a force supporting a just peace and the building of stability and security in the region. They contributed greatly in this area, in everything related to the building of society and supporting peace, because they are victims of the occupation and they are the ones who understand best the importance of peace, the cessation of hatred, and an end to the war and pain and suffering that it causes.'"

Note: Hundreds of the released prisoners were convicted on charges of murder and terror offenses.