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Fatah brainwashes 4th grade girls to erase Israel

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of Fatah's Lion Cubs and Flowers children's movement



Posted text: “The flowers (i.e., young girls) of the Al-Israa Elementary School, Qalqilya branch, held a national educational activity: ‘dummy Palestinian identity cards.’

The flowers of Al-Israa Elementary School, Qalqilya [branch], organized an educational activity ‘dummy Palestinian identity cards’ to strengthen national affiliation and establish it. The activity was organized by [Fatah] Shabiba [Youth] Movement high school coordinator teacher Lana Hassayn, the flowers at Al-Israa Elementary School in the city of Qalqilya, and female fourth-grade students; this was in order to support the ‘Arabic language and national identity’ initiative, since the occupation’s attempts to erase the Palestinian identity are continuing with full force.

We stand before a new path for strengthening the love of the homeland and affiliation among the female students, and this is by issuing Palestinian identity cards to every girl in fourth grade as part of the national educational initiative: ‘Arabic language and national identity.’

The goal of this idea is to establish love of the homeland among the female students, to strengthen their affiliation with all accessible means, and to emphasize the firm truth that is not negotiable, and it is that Palestine is Arab from its [Jordan] River to its [Mediterranean] Sea, its capital is Jerusalem, and that it will be liberated sooner or later.”


The images show female elementary school students holding dummy Palestinian identity cards with Palestinian flags on them. In the background are signs featuring keys symbolizing the Palestinian refugees’ “right of return.”






Text on signs: “The right of return is a sacred right

We will triumph without a doubt, whether it takes a long time or not

The key of return is still in the hand of the diaspora, embracing the memory of the land

Palestinian identity

The key of return – returning”


Text on large sign: “Returning – May 15, 1948 – Palestine

We will return without a doubt



Palestine – I am the land, and the land is you”



The image shows a dummy Palestinian identity card.

Text on card: “Arabic language and national identity”