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Palestinian refugees’ “right of return” is a “sacred right,” says PA minister

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PA Minister of Justice Muhammad Shalaldeh: “When I speak about the [Palestinian refugees’] right of return, compensation, and returning properties, this is a private and collective right. It is a private right – in other words, it is my right as a resident, if only I could turn to any court even if the state ratified an agreement with Israel – according to Article 8 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which says that the protected civilians are not allowed to renounce their rights. Therefore, this is a sacred right that cannot be played with, undermined, or negotiated. Therefore, this is of utmost importance. When we say ‘a sacred right,’ this is a person’s right.

Therefore, I say that there is no other way but to formulate an international mechanism for dealing with the cause of the refugees, returning the properties, and compensation. I focus on a cause that is coordinated and synchronized among its parts – it is impossible to speak about returning the properties without the refugee returning.”