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PA daily: Israel is the first state in history to be established on "land belonging to others"

The 1917 Balfour Declaration was a letter from the British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild of the Zionist movement, which expressed Britain's support for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." Every year on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Palestinian Authority leaders and official media issue harsh statements attacking it. 
     "Today is the 94th anniversary of the cursed Balfour promise [The Balfour Declaration of 1917], by which Britain awarded the Jews the right to establish a national home in Palestine, based on the false slogan, 'A land without a people for a people without a land'. ... This promise represented the first step taken by the West on the road to establishing an entity for the Jews on the land of Palestine, in accordance with the wishes of World Zionism, at the expense of a people which had been rooted in this land for thousands of years. This promise was given as a declaration on the part of the British Foreign Minister at the time, Arthur James Balfour... to Lord Rothschild, one of the leaders of the World Zionist movement, following three years of negotiations between the British government and the Jews of Britain and the World Zionist Organization, in which the Zionists managed to persuade Britain concerning their ability to realize its [Britain's] aims and to protect its interests in the region... The Jews made successful use of the piece of paper published by Arthur Balfour, known for his friendship with the Zionist Movement, and later the [British] Mandate and the 1947 resolution by the [UN] General Assembly concerning the Partition of Palestine: They realized their dream of establishing [the State of] Israel on May 15th, 1948, and this entity earned membership in the UN thanks to pressure by the super powers. Israel became the first country in the history of the global political system which was established on land belonging to others, and which receives international aid which has caused it to behave arrogantly in the region - expanding, swallowing more Palestinian and Arab territory, and behaving violently and mercilessly towards those among the Palestinian people who remain upon their land."
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