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Islamic Jihad welcomes Jenin terror attack

Headline: “Islamic Jihad welcomes the Jalame operation”


The Islamic Jihad Movement welcomed the high-quality operation (i.e., terror attack) next to Jalame checkpoint, which was carried out by Martyrs Ahmed Ayman Abed, 23, and Abd Al-Rahman Hani Abed, 22 (i.e., terrorists, murdered 1), from the town of Kafr Dan west of Jenin. In the operation an officer in the occupation army was killed and other [soldiers] were wounded (sic., no other soldiers were wounded).

In a statement, it emphasized that the heroic operation was carried out on the anniversary of the [1993] Oslo Accords, and thus it announced accompanying [the Oslo Accords] to their final rest…


It noted that this daring operationis a natural and legitimate response to the occupation’s crimes against our people on our land, and also a response to the violation of our holy sites. It also said that the series of heroic operations (i.e., terror attacks) will continue until the occupation is defeated and disappears.