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Father of prisoner demonizes Israel on PA TV: “They torture… They take… lives to get confessions”

PA TV program Link in the Chain visits the home of prisoner Jihad Abu Ghabn, from Jabaliya camp in Gaza Strip.
Prisoner's father:
"What can the enemy gain from the fact that they torture with words, actions and tortures, extracting confessions? And these things – we don't know… nowhere in the world is there a prison more despicable than that of the Jews. Extracting by force. They take their very lives to get the confessions. And Jihad underwent many tortures during the interrogation. They interrogated him at each prison, until eventually the agents trapped him. The agents eventually tricked him into confessing."

Note: According to the program, Mihad Abu Ghabn was arrested in 1988, and sentenced to 38 years' imprisonment. According to an Israeli Prison Service document he was released in the Shalit exchange deal after having been sentenced to 30.5 years for 'causing death intentionally and conspiring to commit a crime'. The program appears to have been filmed before the release.