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Average Palestinian worker salary in Israel more than double than in the PA, reports Official PATV

Official PA TV program The Economic Discourse


Head of the Palestinian Federation of Industries Muhammad Abedin: “Today is a challenge, and a true challenge of the contracting companies. The contracting companies are suffering greatly as a result of a workforce shortage.”

Official PA TV host: “What are the causes of this? Have you checked the issue?”

Muhammad Abedin: “To this day the average salary of the Palestinian worker is somewhere between 3,200-3,500 [Israeli] shekels per month (around $1,000 -Ed.), as compared to 7,800-8,000 shekels (around $2,300 -Ed.) in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel)…


I think that today there is no institution that exists in Palestine that pays less than minimum wage. Minimum wage was raised from 1,400 shekels (around $410 -Ed.) to 1,880 shekels (around $550 -Ed.), and the daily wage [was raised] to 85 shekels (around $25 -Ed.). I think that this amount until now is tiny compared to the exaggerated increase in the [cost of] basic products and all the matters of life that the Palestinian civilian needs.”